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In the village erected a monument Vurnary naval glory . On the Day of the Navy of Russia in the village on the initiative Vurnary reserve sailors and with the direct participation of a monument was erected naval glory . The monument is a ship anchored on a granite background cleavage , close to the flagpole . This is the second monument in the village . The first border post guards installed stock that later created a public organization in the area of ​​border stock "Shield of the Motherland." On such an organization are thinking and sailors . 31/07/2001 18:10 Native village Hornyaly Vitaly Mukhin awarded courage. Recently born in the village Hornyaly Maroposadsky district Vitaly Mukhin was presented the Order of Courage. Vitaly served in Dagestan : to protect civilians from armed gangs invaded Dagestan . Award ceremony was held on the hero in a spacious hall Kastrychnitski TSSDK . On behalf of the President of Russia Vitaly awarded the Order of Military District Commissioner . 31/07/2001 18:12 The fields of the republic leave concert bands . On the sidelines of Chuvashia again this year began concerts creative teams to help workers. Several harvesting seasons mobile concert brigade created at district DC in APC "Bolshevik" , "New Life" , it. Chapaev Shumerlinsky district leave for the field area. According to villagers , concerts not only improve mood, but also increase productivity. 31/07/2001 18:15 Following the results of the total for the second quarter of 2001 Chuvashpotrebsoyuz took third place in the country. Following the results of the total for the second quarter of 2001 Chuvashpotrebsoyuz took third place in the Russian Federation . Addressed to the President of the Chuvash Republic Nikolai Fyodorov, chairman of Russia Valentina Centrosoyuz Ermakova a telegram expressing gratitude for the support of Consumer Cooperatives . In Chuvashia , where about 40% of which in rural areas , consumer associations unite among its shareholders over 300 thousand inhabitants of villages . Given the social importance of Consumer , all levels of government of the republic are sympathetic to the problems of co-operators , giving them every support. The country adopted and the law " On state support and revitalization of Consumer Cooperatives Chuvash Republic ", which largely contributes to the stable operation potrebkooperatorov . The best evidence for this is the fact that in recent years Chuvashpotrebsoyuz not losing its leading position , almost quarterly winning the title of " Best potrebsoyuz Russian Federation." On the results of I quarter of this year Centrosoyuz Chuvashpotrebsoyuzu Russia was also awarded the prize. 31/07/2001 18:20 Gorky Railway pays the Alatyrev . Gorky Railway on account of their payments gives Chuvash city Alatyrev 1.5 tons of coal , three tanks bitumen roofing felt and other building materials . Included in this list and two cars " Gazelle " for Alatyr ambulance station . This result is achieved for the city mayor Alatyr during a visit to the chief of the Gorky Railway Khasyan Zabirov .
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